"Heron Mead is a progressive farm offering enlightened horsemanship and horse care I particularly appreciate, from nutrition, to management, to complementary therapies augmenting a solid foundation of traditional equine maintenance practices.  Kari is a knowledgeable, experienced horsewoman, with canny instincts about horses, and the level of care she provides is exceptional.  My horse, whom I've owned all his life, has never been happier than he is boarding here."
~ Esther S.

"Since my horse arrived at Heron Mead Farm I have witnessed a huge change in his behavior and his physical well-being.  He is so calm and happy.  I know that if he could talk he would thank me for bringing him to his home with Kari and all his friends at Heron Mead Farm - both the two-legged and the four-legged.  Physically he has never been better and I attribute that to Kari's commitment to the welfare of all the horses at Heron Mead Farm."
~ Kathleen H.

"On the day before Penny is leaving, I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of both of us the past two years.  I have really enjoyed my return to Heron Mead and Penny has grown and learned so much.  I'm excited for her to be down here with me but also a little nervous - no other barn can probably live up to the standard of care you provide.  I never had to worry about her being well taken care of when I was away and that was a huge piece of mind.  I want to move all of you down here with me and then it would be perfect!!  I miss you guys already, but I will be back to visit and I hope we can get you guys down here too sometime (spring break)!
~ Kelli B.


"I truly enjoyed the adult summer camp!  Our group riding lessons with Kari were amazing.  I learned a lot about improving my riding techniques along with proper riding etiquette when riding with a group in the arena.  I liked the fact that the week was not very structured allowing the participants to incorporate our questions into the lectures.  A very informative week!
~ Leslie D.

"Bella just loved her week at the farm.  She was thrilled to ride Tara.  She has been reading all kinds of horse books since camp.  The farm is a beautiful, safe, nurturing place.  Thank you."
~ Allison S.

"My daughters Megan and Laura took the half day camp with their cousin Anya.  It was their first time taking lessons and they had a tremendous experience.  Neither one had any prior riding other than 'pony rides' and had no knowledge of the work involved in caring for horses.  They both learned a great deal and came out of the camp begging for more!  They spoke nonstop about all that they did and accomplished during the week.  As a result of the experience, they are both interested in further lessons, and I am looking for a program here in Idaho.  Thank you for providing the girls with a great camp experience!
~ Kim F. (Boise, Idaho)

"Matthew absolutely loved horse camp!  He still talks about the horses.  He's anxious to do some one on one lessons in the Fall and keeps asking for me to get him cowboy boots.  I was very impressed with the horse camp.  Matthew learned a lot and the riding skills he developed in the first week, and especially after 2 weeks, were remarkable.  I was very happy Matthew had the opportunity to experience the camp and we will definitely do it again.  Thanks!!"
~ Kimberly D.

"We have twins who attended a summer camp at Heron Mead for the 2nd year in a row and the smiles never left their faces from the time we dropped them off until pick-up.  My husband actually had to wait an additional 45 minutes one day because they wanted to finish shoveling the manure from a stall - that's dedication and love!  Heron Mead not only allows children to learn to ride horses, but it provides a strong knowledge of horses, horse care and horse etiquette.  Kari and Savannah are fabulous and all of the helpers really care about the kids.  We look forward to more camp time at Heron Mead!
~ Alexis & David M.

"Our son just finished his first experience at Heron Mead.  I need to be honest and say he never previously had any interest in riding before this week.  Now he is asking me when he can return.  Thanks and kudos to Kari!"
~ Danielle D.

"We love the variety of camps that you guys have at the farm (the Spring, Holiday and Summer, etc.).  I think, this year, Bella was the most thrilled to go to camp.  I really like that she is outside all day, that Bella got to know other kids from around the area, that they all had their love of horses in common, that the older girls help out with the younger kids and give them something to aspire to.  I really like that it grounded my horse-crazed little girl and showed her what taking care of a horse is like on an everyday basis - from mucking out the stalls, making sure the horse is health, getting food and water, grooming and all the diseases that can affect a horse. etc.  The camps are more than just the riding for me - although that's the part that Bella looks forward to the most (but I guess everybody does).  I think the camps are going to help her learn how to take care of her things better, that she can't just play with them then drop the cleanup and care to someone else.  I am not hoping that she'll be a world class rider someday, but I do hope she has fun with riding for the rest of her life."
~ Heather A.

"As a parent, I know my daughter is safe and being taught how to be a safe rider.  She also teaches 
my daughter how to be a responsible owner and use her money wisely to keep her horse happy and healthy.  I appreciate that we are not being pushed to 'show' every weekend."
~ Terri M.

"Thank you for a wonder camp week!   Caitlyn had a great time and learned a lot!   We know how much work goes into these sessions and we really appreciate it!   She loved the girls who were helping too.  :)
~ Amy and Brian M.

"Kari is great with the kids at any age, she is very encouraging and complimentary, gives them a real confidence boost!"
~ Robin K.


"Kari is amazing with the kids.  My daughter looks forward to every lesson and every camp."
~ Kristina B.

"I have 4 children and they have all taken lessons from Kari at Heron Mead Farm.  Kari is very knowledgeable and patient with children.  The kids love her!"
~ Tim & Rebecca K.

"These trips (field trips to Fair Hill International 3-Day Event) are the reason I wanted to ride at Fair Hill in the first place.  Just picked up another completion ribbon this weekend.  Thank you, Kari, for showing me the fun and excitement of eventing."
~ Melissa H.

"Thank you, Kari, for being such a patient and caring instructor during our lessons.  You have built my confidence back up and I'm so thankful my girls and I get to work with you!  You are INCREDIBLE!!!"
~ Janelle Y.

"Thank you for your encouragement and support.  You have an incredible gift of foresight & wisdom.  A mentor instrumental in Emily's growth & maturity both personal & certainly equine related.  Thank you so much for keeping both of us on track.  Your career touches the lives of many people in a very positive way.  What a wonderful way to use your talents.  I know it's often at a price of personal sacrifice.  All that said; I sold Ella and feel good about it because of your words of wisdom.  You're at least 10 years younger than me, but somehow gained an incredible amount of common sense & wisdom at a very early age.  You had this when I met you years ago.  Keep up the wonderful work you do."
~ Pam U.
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