Kari Stenberg
Owner of Heron Mead Equestrian Center
Head Instructor & Head Trainer
Center Administrator, Heron Mead Pony Club

Since 1991, Kari has owned and operated Heron Mead Equestrian Center.  She is responsible for  teaching lessons (including the camp riding lessons), training horses, and overseeing the management of the farm and business.  

Kari started riding her neighbor's pony at the 
age of 8 or 9, getting her first pony when she 
was 10.  She joined Berks Pony Club and got 
her first horse at the age of 13.  Kari 
progressed through the levels in Pony Club 
until she passed the national H-A Rating, the 
highest level for teaching, training, and stable 
management. In 1988, Kari graduated from 
Bryn Mawr College with a BS in Economics.  
Since graduating, she has competed 
successfully at recognized events on 
self-trained horses through Preliminary 
Level.  Kari has attended numerous clinics 
with world-class coaches (i.e., Bruce 
Davidson, Sr., Lucinda Green, Karen and 
David O'Connor, Gunnar Ostergaard, Capt. Mark Phillips, and Jim Wofford) in both dressage and eventing.  She has also participated in several USDF Instructor Seminars with Maj. Anders Lindgren.

Kari is known for bringing out the best in her students, giving timid riders the confidence and helping bold riders safely pursue their goals.  She has trained many different breeds and ages of horses and ponies for a variety of disciplines.  Owners comment on her extreme patience and ability to use gentle but effective techniques to teach horses new skills or simply how to be a safer and more willing partner. Kari is also known for insisting on excellent, custom care for boarders horses, and keeping a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Savannah Smith
Head Stable Manager, Assistant Trainer, & Camp Instructor
Assistant Center Administrator, Heron Mead Pony Club

Since September 2009, Savannah has been our full-time Stable Manager.  She is in charge of the daily care of all the boarders and HMEC horses (including feedings, meds, grooming, etc.) and educating all the campers in stable management and. She has resumed her education as a rider, horse trainer and riding instructor as a Horsemaster in Pony Club.

Savannah started riding and taking lessons at the 
age of 13.  She graduated from Delaware Valley 
College in 2008 with a BS in Small Animal Science.  
While attending Delaware Valley, Savannah rode 
on the Equestrian Team, exercised horses, and 
taught lessons at a nearby stable.  After graduating, 
she worked at Glaxo Smith Kline as a Lab 
Animal Technician.

Savannah's deep concern for a horse's well being, 
attention to detail, appreciation for correct riding 
and training techniques, and a sharp eye to detect 
health and soundness problems are much appreciated 
by everyone.  In addition, she is known for her amazing ability to maintain a positive, cheerful attitude through all the hard work and long hours.

Kari & Rex competing at Preliminary at 
Waredaca H.T. in 1997
Savannah giving Sunny a nice ride at Sunny's first dressage show, 2011
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