Boarding Program:
Home to 20 horses means that each horse receives individual attention, customized feedings with premium feed and forage, and turn-out from a caring and professional staff.  We believe in providing horses with a "natural lifestyle", including as much turn-out as possible and a "forage based" feeding program.  The Heron Mead Equestrian Center's feeding program and turn-out regimen has been specifically designed (and is strongly recommended by equine veterinarians and researchers) to reduce or eliminate many problems common among domesticated horses such as ulcers, colic, founder, arthritis, and behavioral problems (both ground manners and under saddle).

  • 10' x 14' box stalls with 2 Dutch doors
        one opening to the outside and one into the aisle
  • 10' x 10' individual run-in sheds with windows
  • Rubber mattresses in stalls and mats in all sheds
  • Heated automatic waterers in stalls and most paddocks
  • Variety of turn-out options (most with run-in
        sheds): large grass pastures, paddocks, and drylots
  • Well-lit wash stall with hot/cold water
  • Heated tack room and heated bathroom
  • Regulation size lighted dressage ring
  • 60' round pen with loose stone footing with excellent traction and drainage
  • Show jumps in the ring, a 3/4 mile perimeter grass path suitable for trotting                               and cantering, and a variety of cross-country jumps
  • Horseback access to more than 30 miles of Blue Marsh Lake trails and 6000 acres 
        of State Game Lands


  • Self-Care Board                
        - Self-Care Board ranges from  $200 to $400
        - Price varies upon amount of Boarder's care
        - Price includes feed, hay, & bedding; and
          2-3 feedings per day
        - Minimum age of Self-Care boarders is 12 yrs. old
        - Must do one month trial period (i.e., doing the 
          daily work for no discount to make sure work is
          done to HMEC standards and that it can be fit
          into boarders' schedules)
        - Boarders charged $10. for any day(s) they
          need HMEC to do care for their horse, if request
          is made one week ahead, or with a parent's/Dr.'s 
          note for illness/injury/family emergency
        - Boarders charged $20. for any day(s) they
          need HMEC to do their work, if request is made
          less than one week ahead or on Holidays
        -Boarders needing more than 5 days of HMEC
          caring for their horses will be charged Full Board 

  • Full Board
        - Pony (small)                           $500
        - Horse                                      $550
        - See below for "Services Included"

  • Pasture/Paddock Board        $475

  • Training Board            
         Includes full board, ranges from   $700 - 1,500
        -  Price depends on amount of training per week 

Services Included in Full Board:
  • Owner lives on premises; each horse checked daily for injury/illness
  • Horses may live in either a box stall or an individual run-in shed (depending on availability)
  • Stalls cleaned a minimum of once daily, sheds and paddocks cleaned 2-3 times a week
  • Customized 2-3 feedings a day with premium feed and free-choice grass and/or alfalfa hay
  • Customized 24/7 turn-out, or limited turn-out (group, couples, or solo) on grass or on dry-lots
  • Veterinarian approved deworming program (additional fee) with every horse dewormed by professional stable managers 
  • "Extra Services" available - see below for pricing
  • Owners advised of routine vet/farrier needs and upcoming vet visits
  • White salt block provided; extra hay, feed, and bedding available (for additional fee)
  • Professional consulting for individual horse's needs regarding Training, Exercise, and Therapy to optimize each horse's health (limited to 1/2 hr. per horse per month on average)
  • Nutritional consulting available (supplies are an additional fee) to optimize each horse's condition with a variety of vitamins, minerals, herbal, homeopathic remedies, etc.

Prices for Extra Services:
  • Horse Care Services by Staff:                    $20-$25/hr.
            - handwalking, bandaging, bathing, sheath cleaning
            - grooming, tacking-up, cooling out
            - tack cleaning, mane pulling, clipper trimming, etc.
  • Blanket Charge for Daily Monitoring/Changing    $35/mo.

  • Trailering:   1way, 1 horse, per loaded mile             $2.75 *
  • Trailering:   2 way, 1 horse, per loaded mile            $1.75 *
            * minimum charge $50
            * additional charge for Horse Managers time if
               trailering is not combined with coaching

References available upon request.

A view of the aisle and stall fronts inside the barn.  Each stall has Dutch doors opening to the outside as well as screen doors that allow horses to look out.
A boarder's horse and a lesson pony enjoying our lush green pastures.  We mow, fertilize (organically), and re-seed regularly for optimal nutrition.
A view of the ring, barn, and house.  Our ring sand is exceptionally kind to horses joints and barefoot horses.
An HMEC horse enjoying life in one of our new "North Paddocks"!  These 2-horse paddocks have excellent  footing, a divided shed, and direct access to a well-maintained pasture.
Emily Urban and her pony, Merrylegs, show jumping.  Since Spring of 2007, both rider and pony benefitted from our boarding, lesson, and training programs.  They were generally in the "ribbons" every time out at Novice level at USEA events in 2008.
Two boarders' horses appreciating the windows in
 their individual run-in sheds.  HMEC offers a wide variety of turn-out options.  These older horses require individual turn-out and since we have some small paddocks with individual sheds, they're able to be turned-out 24/7. 
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An HMEC boarder and her horse enjoying a trail ride at Blue Marsh.  This view is a 20" ride right from the barn, briefly on quiet Lake Road, and then onto the trails!  No trailering needed to access thousands of beautiful acres of state game lands and 30+ miles of trails!